The 24-hour Custody Monitoring System (SAC24) allows its users to visualize, in real time, the location and the traveled pathway of the offenders, aside from checking whether any participant is complying with the determined rules through an easy-to-navigate web interface.

The system stores the whole history of the data collected by the OTDs, allowing report generation in order for the responsible bodies to be able to assess the operation. The SAC24 is highly secure and auditable, even regarding the activity of those who operate the system.

The SAC24 system has been refined over the years in order to comply with the circumstances of the Brazilian penitentiary system.

How does it work

The system is accessed through an internet browser, via a secure connection, requiring individual user login and password. The user may refer to the system to check, in real time, the coordinates and possible infringements of every participant that the user has access to. Besides that, the user can also check historical data, available at any time.

There are also many other features available on the system, including:

* Inventory control of the devices;
* Access control and permissions by user profiles;
* Possibility to check every action taken on the system for auditing purposes;
* Registration of convicted offenders and the possibility to group them by profile;
* Generation of individual or collective areas of inclusion, exclusion, among others;
* Searching of any given offender by region and period;
* View of the coordinates data through maps, graphic reports and analytic tools;
* Possibility to setup a custom report, with the ability to save it for later use;
* Possibility of integration with third-party systems.

Key Benefits 



Since access is made by an internet browser, there is no need for big investments on IT infrastructure in order to access the monitoring software.

Spacecom is responsible for developing every aspect of the system (hardware and software), which allows for rapid customization and integration.

The web interface follows the latest national and international web systems’ patterns, making it easy to use and intuitive, even for first-time users.


The SAC24 system lean on many mechanisms to ensure the reliability of the system, both for the operator and the participant:

* Secure access through HTTPS;
* Individual user login and password;
* Access restricted to previously authorized computers;
* Encrypted user and participant personal data on the database;
* Possibility to hide participant data according to user permission;
* System control of users’ profiles and permissions;
* Ability to audit every action executed by the users.

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Reliability and Security

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